How and Why it is Important to Have a Balanced PH For Optimal Health

The importance of having a pH balanced diet and lifestyle
The pH of your body is an essential component because a well balanced pH will help your overall well being due to increased circulation in your body. Increased circulation basically means junk and toxins in your body will be easier to remove.
pH (potentiometric hydrogen ion concentration) is a scale that goes from 0 to 14 which essentially shows the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance. 7 is the neutral zone while being under 7 means it’s getting more and more acid while above 7 it’s more and more alkaline. Your natural pH is around 7.35 and 7.45 which is necessary to stay alive.
There are many reasons why you might have an out of balance pH. The most typical ones are a lack of sleep especially during stressful times and a lack of proper nutrition. This can bring many negative health issues such as stomachache, skin problems like eczema and persistent tiredness.
There are various ways to test the pH of your body that go from using special little slips of paper that is often called pH Hydrion test paper. You can usually find these in most drug stores. You will have to use these papers to test your pH every day for about 3 weeks to get a good average. You must test this when you haven’t eaten or drank in a while so you definitely want to do this in the morning and before going to bed. There’s also the option of a blood test analysis if you want a quicker and better solution.
Now that you know why and how to find your internal pH here’s a quick summary of what you can do to maintain it.
Drink a lot of water! Water is extremely important for your body because not only does it have the benefit of having zero calories, so you can drink as much as you want without consequences to your weight, it helps tremendously to clean the toxins in your body
Along with water, exercise is very important because as you sweat you will remove water from your body and promote good circulation. There are other great benefits related to exercise such as reducing your stress levels which will help you breathe, reduce stress and help your sleep. Of course exercise has been proven for a long time now to be tremendously useful for anyone’s well being so you definitely must do it.
Finally, the core of having a balance ph diet is to control what you eat. There are many examples of alkaline diet’s out there (most people eat too many acidic foods so that’s the reason you see the opposite popularized as a special “diet”). A few examples that are usually in most alkaline diets are vegetables like carrots, green beans, lettuce and flax seed. Herbal is another great and enjoyable addition that I personally always enjoy drinking.
In conclusion unless you have serious problems or a very acidic diet some simple changes that most people should already do in their lifestyle ( exercise, sleeping well, making sure you have proper nutrition) is all you need to have a good pH balance!

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