How Can I Lose Weight and Look Great?

As a fitness professional a question I always hear from my adult and teen clients is, how can I lose weight? Some people ask because they want to look better and some people ask because they want to feel better. There is a big difference in the motivation, however in reality, proper weight loss and good health go hand in hand. There is no magic pill, contrary to what we all would like, it still takes good old sweat and diet diligence.
There are several really important things to keep in mind if you are planning on losing weight. First not all calories are made equal, counting calories is effective, however it is even more effective to use up your calories on good healthy foods.
Make sure you eat 3 meals a day, and 2 or 3 snacks. You want to eat often to keep the metabolism going, this will keep you burning calories and burning fat.
Great snack options are cheese sticks – especially white cheese like mozzarella, or nuts, they both have protein. You want to have protein in every meal and snack, the protein helps you with the hunger and cravings. Other great sources of protein that are good for meals are lean meats such as chicken/turkey/fish.
Many times the hunger we feel is because of our dehydration. As a good health habit, and especially when you want to lose some weight, it is key to drink enough water. When you are feeling hungry have a drink of water or some other clear liquid low in sugar, and then wait 15 min, if you still feel hungry then make a snack.
Working out is also very important to lose weight, diet is going to do more for losing weight and also is extremely important for building muscle. Muscle is the next topic, as you build more muscle you will burn more calories, and when losing weight and building muscle it is very important to eat protein. Your body tends to burn up muscle when it is looking for energy, this is why protein is so important, the protein helps in preventing muscle loss and aid in fat conversion for energy.
Workout and eating plans are best when they have options for less than ideal situations. Many workout programs do not contain body weight workouts that allow you to get a full body workout anywhere from your own room when you can’t make it to the gym to your hotel when you travel, or an airport if you get stuck there. Another important aspect of a workout system is a plan to help prevent and recover from injury. To many times in a workout program it is designed to focus on a specific type of workout, which tends to make us bored and unmotivated.
To lose weight there is no magic pill, just good old truth. Your body requires good nutrition from the foods we eat, for losing weight and for building muscle. The workout plan you select also plays an important part in losing weight and building muscle, especially when the diet is built around the workout. Find what works for you, your habits, and what has plans for you to follow when you either can’t do your regular workout, or have unexpected barriers to your workout.

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