Parenting Tips: Keep Them Moving

With research showing the increase in obesity in children, we as parents must determine a way to prevent that from occurring in our homes. The tips I will share with you are ones that you can implement today and of course, it’s never too late to implement these 4 back to basics tips.
1. Leading by example – this is something that we as parents should always do, after all we are their mentors and will influence their lives daily, whether we believe it or not. So when it comes to exercise or eating correctly or making the right choices, we must first begin with us, the adults. If we are couch potatoes, guess what? You guessed it; our children will ultimately become couch potatoes. Get up and go outside with your children, or simply move around in the house. You’ll be surprised how much they will love dancing with you and you will all be healthier and happier.
2. Schedule a time to unplug – with the amount of technology available today its no wonder we’re not as active! The worse effects of today’s technology is the prolonged sitting rather than moving. Time flies while you watch television, play video games or sit in front of the computer surfing the web or chatting in forums,etc. Consider unplugging from it all or if you must use technology choose some activities that will get you moving. Our children love the interactive video games they can all play together on game consoles like the Nintendo, Wii. However, unplugging if merely for a few hours a day will definitely impact your family’s health in a positive manner.
3. Find the time – remember way back when we were young? It seems like our moms couldn’t get us to come inside after playing outside for hours. With age comes responsibilities and the time to enjoy ourselves seems to diminish. Whether you are young or old, it’s important to find the time. Pencil in a physical activity into your child’s daily schedule and don’t allow ‘life’ to interfere.
4. Make it fun – who says exercise has to be boring? Instead of exercise think of it as a fun activity and get your entire family involved. At times exercise will not be fun, but teaching your children at a young age that staying active is fun will continue on to adulthood.
Getting back to basics of health does not have to be difficult and when you get the entire family involved it will be fun!

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