The 3 Things I Did to Help Me Lose Weight

If you have been looking for help losing weight, this article will really help you. In this article I’m going to show the three methods that I have personally used to help me lose weight quickly and healthily. Once you have read this article you can immediately start using the tools I’m about to give you to kick start you weight loss.
1. Eat more Fruits and vegetables
Diet is an essential part of losing weight, if you are not eating right then you won’t successfully lose weight. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is an important part of weight loss, you may have heard of the five a day rule that is becoming popular, well guess what it is spot on! You should be eating a portion of fruit or vegetables five or six times a day, this for a number of reasons. Vegetables are low in calories but rich in fibre, this causes you to feel full and will prevent you from feeling hungry while you are dieting.
Fruit and Vegetables are also full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. This will give your body good constant supply of these nutrients and vitamins, which will great for the body with all the health benefits that this brings, but also will prevent your body from feeling “starved” during your dieting. If the body does feel that it is being starved, it will respond with a drop in the metabolic rate, and a stubbornous to give up any fat reserves, obviously this will be terrible for our weight loss!
2. Monitor Your Progress
For most people the idea of monitoring your progress when trying to lose weight is to jump on the scales a couple of times a week and to see if their weight has dropped, which is fine but we should be going a step further to not only give us a more accurate view of our weight loss but also to keep us motivated in our weight loss goals.
What you should be doing is completing not only a weekly weigh in, but also a body fat measurement. This allows you to work out your lean body mass, which is pretty much everything but your fat (muscle, bone, organs, etc.), and your fat mass. The idea of this is that each using a simple calculation you will know where your weight loss is coming from. Ideally you would want all of your weight loss to come from fat, but if we are not eating or exercising correctly it can come from muscle. Below is an example of how we would work this out:
Weight = 180lbs
Body Fat % = 15%
Fat Mass = 180 x 0.15
= 27lbs
Lean mass = 153lbs
There is a certain amount of fat that the body needs, so your fat mass would never go down to zero, an average man would have a six pack if he dropped below 10 to 12% body fat percentage. Bodybuilders do go down to a dangerous 4 to 5% but only for a very short time for contests, they would usually be back up to over 8% within a few days.
There is a chance when you are trying to lose weight that you may have weeks when you don’t lose any weight or even put on a small amount. This may be down to your diet, but if you are exercising regularly, it is possible that you may have actually gained a small amount of muscle whilst still losing some fat. Your body mass calcs will reveal this and will prevent you from feeling down if you haven’t lost any weight.
From a motivational point of view you could also take a few measurements each week, to see in which areas you have lost or even gained. Good ones includes waist, thighs, arms and chest. As I mentioned if you are exercising regularly you may find that you are losing size from your waist whilst gaining size on your chest and arms, if this is the case then great!
3. Keep a Daily Journal
This is a great tool for weight loss. Your journal can be used to record your weekly body measurements to keep track of them, but there is also a few things that I suggest you keep track of to help you in your weight loss. The first is to keep a food diary. Right down what you have eaten each day, this will help you to keep track of what foods you are eating and also how many calories you are eating each day. If you don’t make any progress in a week, then you can refer back to your food diary and see where you can improve your diet.
The other thing that you should be keeping track of is your exercise. If you are serious about losing weight then you should be undertaking some form of exercise. I recommend that you combine a resistance training routine with a good cardio program. you can write down your workouts in your journal, using it to keep track of your workouts and to plan your next ones. this will allow you to continuously improve, to see if you need to increase your cardio workouts or even add in an extra one. With your resistance training you can keep track of what weights you are lifting and progress in your workouts.
So there it is my three methods that helped me to lose weight, and will help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Eat more fruits and vegetables, Monitor your progress and keep a daily journal these are the three tools which you can apply straight away to kick start your fat loss goals!

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