The Truth Behind Top Rated Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Products

I recently learned the truth behind top rated anti-wrinkle skin care products. I have always wanted to know because most of these products don’t work. What I learned will, hopefully, help you make an educated decision about buying products that claim to remove signs of aging.
You see, instead of investing in research and development of products that truly remove lines and wrinkles, cosmetic companies throw millions of dollars into slick television and magazine ads. They know that your desire to look young and beautiful can be manipulated by telling you what you want to see and hear.
So instead of being dazzled by these clever ads, why not become an educated consumer who knows the real story behind products that truly work?
You see, the main problem with mainstream creams and lotions is that they do nothing to help the underlying cells produce collagen and elastin. But how can they when they are made with synthetic chemicals that can’t make it past the top layer of your skin? With molecules that are too large to penetrate the numerous layers of the dermis there is no way these synthetic substances can ever reach the depths where the cells reside.
Fortunately, because of their surface-hugging quality, they,at least, provide a temporary filler effect of lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, your lines and wrinkles show back up again the minute you wash your face.
Many people continue to buy these top rated anti-wrinkle skin care products because this is the only facial improvement they can get. But I believe this is just because they don’t know about products that can actually treat and heal unwanted signs of aging once and for all.
Trying to find substances that can reach the cellular level is a problem that dermatological scientists have struggled with for years. Their painstaking research finally led them to a discovery of a shared molecular compatibility between human skin and natural, bio-active extracts. This compatibility allows these bioactive extracts to penetrate to the deepest levels of the skin.
But deep penetration is just part of what is needed. Once within the depths of the cells, nutrients must be delivered in order to stimulate healthy cell function. When skin cells are healthy they produce collagen and elastin, the two structural proteins necessary for a firm, smooth, moist, elastic, even-toned complexion.
So now that you know why top rated anti-wrinkle skin care products can’t support your collagen and elastin production why don’t you look for delivery systems (i.e., products) with high concentrations of bio-active extracts. You’ll have to do a little research, like I did, to find these products since they are not heavily advertised.
I can point you in the right direction if you visit my website.

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