Tips For Neck Pain

Neck pain is the most common problem faced by all ages of people – mostly people sitting long hours before computers and it can influence your sleeping habits, your work ability, your thoughts and relationships.
It will eventually lead to loss of income due to irritation and depression caused and I too faced that problem and I decided to some tips which helped me and hope you to get benefit out of it.
1. Give a break to your neck – avoid sitting continuously before a computer and have a break and walk in between.
2. Stretch your neck- follow some exercises by referring some fitness experts which suits your age and other parameters and if you need any help from me in this category you can comment and I will help you.
3. Apply cold or heat – especially when swelling occurs applying heat would help.
4. While sleeping be sure that your neck is in line- this is very important.
5. Get a comfortable chair with better back- this is mostly neglected by people sitting long hours before computers and this tip is must for them.
6. Avoid pillows while sleeping.
7. Tension also causes neck pain so try to do yoga or meditation to combat tension.
8. Try to sleep on hard bed and avoid sleeping on your stomach.
9. While lifting heavy objects try to sit down with your knees bend and body straight and note that object should be close to your body.
10. While taking try to use speaker phones.

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